Hannah Tolf is a composer, singer and vocal improviser from Gothenburg in Sweden.

With voice and effects she works in several artistic fields and has toured and played at venues around the world.


She is currently working with her own band and with the experimental trio Soil Collectors.

In Soil Collectors the members explore the human movement and relationship to nature

and to each other. The group has a collaboration with the visual artist & film maker

Donovan von Martens and recently released there album Tah-tay Leet' -kah lah.

Together with the movment artist Karolin Kent she has a project called Sibiri, now working on the piece Variam, a trilogy under bridges.


Hannah's music is often a mixture of composed and improvised music.

A song can contain several different experiences and stories where the meeting between these can bring new angles and freer interpretation. In 2014 her band released the album The Park.


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