Hannah Tolf

The music has a spherical appearance with emphasis on communicating

lyrics and where improvisational elements can take place in the arrangements.

With Hannah as composer and artistic leader, all four are equally involved in the development of the music,

where their individual expressions merges into an entity.

The lyrics often touches the importance to take care of each other and give

each other space to be who we are.

Live the group gives the audience space for contemplation and rarely leaves the listener indifferent.


released album:

The Park in 2014 at Havtorn Records. 


"Music aimed at an inner emotional world"

(Orkester Journalen) READ

"It's nice, elegant, beautiful, calm, full of emotion and warm passion, meanwhile the music is eventful and soft playful.

With The Park you can spend nights. Many, long nights.

Hannah Tolf's songs and great voice is what's required for this eight songs long journey into the heartfelt".

(Zero Magazine) READ

"Still and beautiful, meditatively in a way that inspires and activates"

(Lira) READ 

"A celebration of  life and mankind" 

(Dala-Demokraten) READ

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