Karolin Kent & Hannah Tolf

Variam, en trilogi under broar

photo: Jenni Tolf & Donovan von Martens   film: Donovan von Martens, Julia Kempe (Variam vol 1.)

Villa Överås, 2014 (arranged by: Kulturhuset Kåken)

pictures taken by Stig-Magnus Thorsén

Villa Överås, 2014 (arranged by: Kulturhuset Kåken)

film by: Donovan von Martens

Palmarum  2013

film by: Donovan von Martens


An artistic collaboration between the artists Karolin Kent (Movement) and Hannah Tolf (Voice)


An intimate meeting in an instant exploration of movement, voice and surroundings. Experimentation of organic qualities leave the work open to limitless interactions and meetings. Momentary whim is crucial and as a spectator you take own responsibility for your experience. Sibiri means the unknown and is our inspiration through this project. Sibiri has an artitstic and social pedagogic direction where Hannah and Karolin has a future ambition to cunduct workshops and social projects for marginalized individuals.   

VARIAM, a trilogy under bridges

 Gamlestadstorget, Hjalmar Brantingsplasen, Ringön

2015, 2016 GÖTEBORG

Thank you everyone that joined us at Gamlestadstorget, at Hjalmar Brantingsplatsen, at Ringön or somewhere

along the road! Thank you Festival Illegal for having Variam vol II as a part of your festival, thank you Hotel Adyton for inviting us to make the final Variam vol III together with Hypotenusa in the tunnel at Ringön

Thanks to everyone involved to make this all happen and a big big thank you to all of you who joined the workshop at Ringön and shared your stories!


Variam a trilogy under bridges was a collaboration with

Supported by: Region Halland, VG-regionen, Göteborgs Stads kulturförvaltning, Hourc residency (FR)

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